Baitrak Service Advantage



BaiTrak provides one point of contact for inquiries and issues, regardless of the number of benefit carriers utilized.

Reduces complexity, frees up time and resources

BaiTrak provides one consolidated billing for all benefits, regardless of number of benefit carriers or internal cost centers

Reduces paperwork and simplifies financial reconciliations

BaiTrak provides one set of forms and processes, regardless of the number of insurance carriers

Simplifies enrolment, changes and other administration

BaiTrak uses the most up-to-date web-based administrative system

Provides secure, direct employer and employee access to personal benefit information 24/7

BaiTrak has many accounts with each benefits carrier

Facilitates multi-carrier solutions with best-in-class products

BaiTrak has full-time staff focused solely on benefits administration

Supplies in-depth knowledge of benefits plus a complete focus on one thing

BaiTrak confidentially works with employers, employees and benefits carriers to co-ordinate Disability and Waiver of Life Premium claims

Minimizes potential employee liability from missed claims filing

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